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Hot Smoked Dried Peppers "La Chinata" 25g Box

Both Peppers and Ñora Peppers are grown and dried in "La Vera" Region (Cáceres-Spain). For the drying process is still using the more traditional style, with oak wood. This process takes between 10 and 15 days depending on weather conditions. The gathering of the products, handmade, occurs during the months of October and November, and then the Peppers are selected and cleaned before packing.

Gluten free.

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Product Description


These Peppers are ideal to provide flavour, colour and aroma to many recipes such as rice dishes, fish and meat stews, lentils or sauces. You can use them directly. You can also hydrate them with water and after that the flesh can be scraped out. With these Peppers we elaborated our Hot Smoked Paprika Powder. Net weight: 25g / 0,88 oz Gluten free.

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